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Make a heart brooch from buttons

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You will need

● 17cm of bendable but reasonable sturdy wire (we used 2mm wire)
● 17cm x 1.5cm scrap of felt to match the colour of your buttons
● selection of mother of pearl buttons in varying sizes
● brooch pin
● needle and thread
● pliers

Make the brooch base

Take your piece of felt and, if necessary, trim so it’s a few millimetres longer than the piece of wire and wide enough to fold round the wire (image 1).

With your needle and thread, cover the wire with the felt and stitch tightly, making sure you sew the ends shut. Knot securely (image 2).

Using the pliers, carefully bend the covered wire in half (the halfway mark is the bottom of the heart) and curl the two ends into neat bulges for the top of the heart (image 3).

Now take your selection of buttons and place them into a heart shape in roughly the order you’d like. It’s a good idea to have the smallest ones clustered in the middle of the heart (image 4).

Start stitching on the buttons

Using strong thread and working your way around the heart, handstitch on the buttons, clustering them together so the felt is covered.  Stitch on tightly (image 5).

Add the brooch pin

Turn the brooch over and firmly stitch on the brooch pin over the top half of the heart where it won’t be seen from the front.

And you’ve finished. Pin it on and enjoy!

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