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Make a heart-shaped leather purse: free sewing pattern

aay red heart purse to sew - Free sewing patterns - Craft -

This makes a purse measuring 10cm at the widest point

You will need

• 25cm by 15cm piece of red leather, pleather or sturdy fabric
• A 7cm zip – measured from beginning of teeth to end of teeth. If you can’t find one this small, you can shorten a longer zip by stitching across the plastic teeth and trimming to size.
• Adhesive – Copydex or PVA is good for gluing leather

Cutting out

Print out the coin purse pattern template. 

Cut two hearts out of your leather/fabric. On only one of the pieces, cut out the zip slot as shown on the template (image 1).

Inserting the zip

In order to keep the zip in place when you stitch, you need to glue the zip to the underside of the leather.

So, on the top side of the zip, lightly brush glue around the tape making sure that you don’t get glue onto the zipper teeth. At the same time, take the leather heart with the zipper slot cut out and, with wrong side uppermost, brush some glue around the zip slot (image 2).

Leave the glue for a few minutes so that it begins to go transparent (you don’t want big blobs of white glue to ooze out when you stitch). Then place the leather heart on top of the zip. Leave to dry.

Stitch into place using a zip foot and a large stitch (image 3).

Stitching the purse together

Using the same gluing method as before, take both your heart pieces and turn them so the wrong side is facing up. Brush glue around the edges of the pieces and leave to dry a little until the glue begins to become transparent (image 4).

Carefully place the two hearts together, matching edges. Leave to dry and then carefully stitch a few millimetres from the edge backstitching at the beginning and end to secure. 

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