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Sew a detachable furry collar: free sewing pattern

Faux fur collar main image - Sew a detachable faux fur collar - Craft -

You will need

● Fake fur for the outer collar  - 70cm x the width of the roll
Lining fabric – 70cm x the width of the roll
tape measure
newspaper, pen and sellotape
large hook and eye
● p
attern template, below

Making your pattern

Print out the pattern template (below) on A4 paper so that the straight edge (this straight edge is the centre back of your neck) measures 18cm.

Sellotape the pattern to a piece of newspaper and work out how far you want your collar to extend (image 1). We made ours approximately 105cm from end to end.

Draw down and round off the ends (image 2).

Cutting out

Using your pattern placed on the fold of the fabric, cut out one collar in fur and one collar piece in lining.

When cutting fur, cut from the wrong side of the fabric and use small snippy scissors that can ‘slide’ along the knitted backing so that you avoid hacking off the long strands of fur which would give the fabric a ‘chopped’ look.

Start pinning

With right sides together, pin the fur and the lining together (image 3). If you are using fur with a very long pile, then brush the pile away from the pinning line as much as possible – the less that gets caught in as you stitch the better. (You can pull it out after having stitched but this is more difficult with long straggly fur.)

Get the sewing machine out

Carefully stitch around the outside of the collar, 1cm to 1.5cm from the raw edge. You need to use a big stitch and go slowly as the fur/lining mix can slip as you stitch. Leave a 10cm gap in the stitching line on the inner edge of the collar – you will use this gap for ‘bagging out’ the collar – or turning it the right way round.

Trim around the edges of the seams so they aren’t too bulky and clip the curves so the edges lie flat (image 4).

Turning it the right way round

Insert your hand into the hole you left in the stitching and grab the bit furthest away from you. Carefully bring all of the collar through the gap so the collar is the right way round.

Finishing off

Handstitch up the hole in the seam.

Handstitch your hook and eye securely on to each side of the collar approximately 10-15cm from the bottom.


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