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Do you want a personalised skincare routine?

Get skincare advice just for you

by Bernadette Fallon

Skincare advice can be a tricky-to-negotiate minefield. Yes, there is plenty of it out there. But sometimes I feel too lazy to trawl through pages of expert advice and top tips – I want somebody to tell me, straight up, what’s right for me. And not just what creams I should be using – though my dressing table is testament to my love of a beauty product or two! I know my diet and lifestyle affect my skin too, so how about somebody packages it all up for me in one easy-to-follow skincare plan?

So Simple did!

Simple® Sense is a handy routine which can be found on the Simple website– see it for yourself here. It took me through questions about my current skincare and make-up routine, skin type and products I use. It asked about my exercise and activity routines, stress and happiness levels, eating and drinking habits, sleep patterns and how often I brush my teeth. At one point I was carefully feeling my cheeks, forehead, eyes and lips to check for dry patches and fine lines. At the end I got to ask for my own personal ‘skincare wish’ and a couple of seconds later I was presented with a full set of results and suggestions, tailored just for me and my skin.

It picked up on the fact I had requested ‘radiant, glowing skin’ and offered a practical approach, recognising that nobody has the time to spend the day submerged in masks and creams – if only! Instead it suggested three key areas where I could make improvements to my existing routine through my product and lifestyle choices – and explained there’s no need to make huge changes, it’s the small changes that count. And I was very glad to hear it …

My advice came under the headings of ‘Polish’, ‘Treat’ and ‘Be Happy’ and I was slightly disappointed when ‘Treat’ turned out to have nothing to do with chocolate, dealing instead with how to ‘treat’ the patches of dry skin I suffer from. ‘Polish’ was all about regenerating the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells to make it look brighter and ‘Be Happy’ explained how to cope with the stress and tension headaches I sometimes suffer from.

There’s lots of practical lifestyle advice in each section, some really useful videos – like how to give myself a facial massage to ease away those pesky fine lines – and product recommendations. All products recommended are, of course, from Simple but there is also lots of genuinely useful lifestyle guidance offered. Every issue I mentioned was addressed – it felt really personal to me.

I’ve long been a fan of Simple products; in fact I think Simple cleanser may well have been the first beauty product I ever bought. That was back in the days of the brown packaging – remember that? They’ve gone through a lot of changes since then, but the brand has remained true to its promise of providing skincare products using only ‘the purest possible ingredients with no colour or perfume’. And with its new routine it’s going that little bit further to help us care for our skin – try it for yourself here.

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