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Colour yourself beautiful

‘Home colouring has advanced a great deal, but achieving a salon-style colour still requires you to think like an expert,' says Scott Cornwall. ‘The biggest mistake people make is forgetting they're using chemicals on the hair. It's easy to just slop the product on, but you'd be horrified if a colourist did the same, so why should the principles be any different when you're doing it yourself?'

The other most common mistake is choosing the wrong shade. ‘Look at celebrities who share your eye colour and skin tone,' Scott suggests. ‘They work with colourists and stylists to create images that work for them, so their colour choices can be a great guide for what works for you, too.'


Getting the job done right

‘Always, always, always read manufacturer's instructions, and follow them to the letter,' says Jason Welch. ‘Even if you've applied the colour before, manufacturers regularly update formulas and therefore change the rules of application. ‘And always seek help and advice from an expert if anything does go wrong. Don't attempt to colour-correct by buying a different colourant. It's time to call in the professionals.' Getting help Schwarzkopf Palette has launched a fantastic website,, with the help of British Colourist of the Year and stylist-to-the-stars Anita Cox McMillan ( The site provides expert advice and step-by-step video guides. Or visit for tips on application and choosing a shade.


Condition before you colour

Jason says it's important to prep your hair before you colour if you want to achieve professional results. ‘The week before colouring, deep cleanse the hair with a clarifying shampoo such as Redken Hair Cleansing Cream, £10.95 for 300ml (0800 085 4956) to remove build-up and ensure the hair is in the best possible state to receive the colour,' he says. ‘Apply the shampoo to dry hair, wrap your head in cling film, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse. This also works if your hair has taken on an undesirable tone and you're trying to restore it.'


Help for highlights

‘It's very hard to get perfect highlights at home, particularly if you're doing it yourself,' says Jason. For best results, he suggests recruiting a friend to help, making sure you have plenty of mirrors to hand! ‘Keep checking where you're placing the highlights as you go along. Remember, it's easier to add more later rather than colour correct if you put in too many - or have them in the wrong place.'


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