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Do you need a facial oil?

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The big beauty benefits

The cosmetics industry has seen huge growth in natural beauty products and ‘clean’ skincare with a move away from harsh chemicals towards simple nutrient ingredients. Popular for their nourishing blend of healthy skin essentials such as antioxidants and moisturising fatty acids, today’s lightweight oils not only hydrate and protect against environmental toxins and pollution, they also work deep down at the cellular level to plump the skin and improve texture – oh, they smell wonderful too!

Skin’s best friend

For many of us, the thought of putting oil on already oily or acne prone skin shrieks breakout disaster, but aromatherapist and product technical advisor Jennie Harding dispels this myth. She says “All skin types can benefit from using an oil. Blemished or oily complexions will see an improvement from using oils containing olive squalane that acts as a transport system to get the skin’s healing essential oils to the deeper skin layers. ‘Dry feel’ oils like chia seed and rice bran oils are also good and won’t clog pores.”   

Super ingredients to look out for

Although most facial oils work for all skin types, there are a few power-house ingredients that target specific problems and skin types, so look out for these:
● Rosehip and evening primrose work for sensitive skin.
● Apricot kernel and coconut are wonders for dry and dehydrated complexions.
● Looking to soften lines and pep up mature skin? Go for oils that contain argan and rosehip.

Perfect application

For daytime use, apply 2-3 drops of oil into hands to warm before smoothing onto skin after cleansing and before make up. There’s no need to use a moisturising cream unless you want to – or you could add 2-3 drops of oil to your moisturiser for an extra surge of goodness.

For maximum absorption, a DIY facial or night time treat, oil lends itself to a relaxing massage. Sian Jones, aromatherapist and director at Balance Me, suggests using your fingertips to glide oil onto skin in gentle circular movements across the face, neck and décolletage to help clear toxins, enhance circulation and relieve stress and tension in facial muscles.

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