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Myleene Klass says ‘no’ to fashion rules

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A recent Sunday Times article listed the ‘new rules for how to look good over 40’. Shane Watson suggested that all the post-40s among us should ditch – deep breath – hats, white t-shirts, masculine tailoring, floaty dresses, anything that glitters, cardigans, Peter Pan collars, flat pumps, in fact any flat shoes at all.

When I ask Myleene Klass, style ambassador for Littlewoods who has just launched her seventh fashion collection for the brand, what she thinks of such ‘rules’, she is fuming.

‘Rules, rules – who sets these rules? Someone who lives in a cave with no idea of how real women dress?’ I reveal it was Shane Watson. ‘Rules are all about putting people in boxes,’ she continues. ‘Fashion should be about expression and individuality. Fashion should be fun.’

Fashion should be fun

It’s a compelling argument. And Myleene takes a lot of pleasure out of the fun side of fashion, out of seeing people on Twitter who are wearing her clothes.

‘Women tweet me directly,’ she explains. I get asked all sorts of questions – from ‘when will my order arrive’ to fashion advice on what I think they should wear. I love it that women feel they can speak directly to me. And I love seeing them in my outfits when they post their photos on Twitter.’

And it’s not only women asking for advice. Men too will tweet requests for recommendations for wives and girlfriends. If you want to join in the fun yourself, you’ll find Myleene tweeting at @KlassMyleene.

She has, however, over 429,000 followers. How on earth does she find time to talk to them, as well as launch fashion, lingerie and beauty collections for Littlewoods, be a Classic FM presenter, musician, businesswoman, charity worker and – oh yeah – mother?

‘If you want a job done, get a busy woman to do it,’ she reveals with a smile. ‘If I could hire a workforce of anyone I wanted, I would employ single mums. They would get everything done, very efficiently and all in time for tea.’

Her favourite fashion buys

So what does a busy mum and businesswoman wear when she is carrying out her multiple duties; I ask Myleene what are her favourite pieces from the collection?

She lists a pink fur coat, oxblood leather dress, a fur-trim cape and the vintage-style gold dress she wore to Paris fashion week recently – which attracted a lot of compliments.

‘Women are much more adventurous now with fashion. Prints and florals are a big trend again this season, we’re all bolder with print and pattern now.’ Which brings her back to ‘the rules’.

‘Devising rules puts a lot of pressure on women – you have to try to remember the rules. So you’re going around thinking, when should I wear horizontal stripes and when should it be vertical?

Fashion is supposed to make you feel great – it’s the difference between putting on a tracksuit bottoms or putting on a nice dress, or wearing high heels, or wearing a new lipstick – it should give you a lift. It should inspire you with confidence to walk into a room with your head held high.’

Prices and where to buy

Myleene’s fashion, lingerie and beauty collections are available online now at Fashion prices range from £35 - £219, with sizes from 8-20; lingerie prices from £13 - £35, sizes 32B-40E and 8 – 20; beauty collection prices from £12 – 30.

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