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Quiz: Do you dress your age?

Are you trying too hard to look younger? Or do you tend to dress beyond your years? Take our quiz to find out how much your attitude to ageing affects your style - and get expert tips on how to adapt your look as the years go by...

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1. You'd most like to win a trolley dash in...
2. Which fashion icon's current style do you most admire?
Kate Moss
3. Miniskirts are back! Will you be wearing one?
Of course. In fact, I'll be buying several
Possibly - with opaque tights, though
With my legs? Don't be daft!
4. Be honest: your wardrobe is bulging with...
Impulse buys I've barely worn
Clothes I love, even though I've had some of them for years
Black, brown, grey and a hint of beige
5. How much animal print is there in your wardrobe?
Loads and I love it!
A couple of trims and accessories, I think
There's a jumper covered in cat hair - does that count?
6. Think back to where you bought most of your clothes in your 20s. Do you now tend to...
Still shop in the same stores
Shop in a mixture of stores - some old favourites, some new
Shop in an entirely different set of stores
7. How has your personal style evolved since your twenties?
I'm governed by the catwalks, darling
It's matured a little - but I still love the same kinds of looks
I'm all about comfort nowadays, to be honest
8. Aside from checking the price tag and washing instructions, what's the first question you're likely to ask yourself when weighing up whether to buy a dress?
Is this like the one Cheryl wore on The X Factor?
Will this really suit my body shape?
Will this look all right underneath my big cardigan?
9. Complete this sentence: I'd happily wear hot pants if...
They were touted as 'this season's hottest look'
I was going to a fancy dress party as Kylie
It was 1989 again and I'd had some kind of personality transplant
10. What's your view on sleeveless tops?
They're fine for summer
I prefer a short sleeve, to be honest
An absolute no-no for me
11. You're off on a beach holiday. Bikini or swimsuit?
Bikinis - plural!
A flattering swimsuit, please
12. At what age should women stop wearing high heels every day?
Never! Are you mad?
It's a personal choice - age has nothing to do with it
It's probably best to switch to Dr Scholl's after 50

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