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Are you spending too long on your looks?

Are you cutting too many corners in your morning beauty routine? Or wasting precious time when you could be doing something far more useful instead? Take our quiz to find out - and get some beauty time-saving tips from the experts...

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Supermodel Miranda Kerr insists it only takes her 15 minutes to get ready to face the world each morning - and that includes time to body-brush, take a shower and apply her make-up. Don't believe her? Nor did more than half of the UK women who took part in a recent survey by Escentual.

Instead, the survey found, most of us would like around 45 minutes to devote to our morning beauty routines - at least 15 minutes of which would be spent in the shower. And the remaining 30? Not including time spent on breakfast, we'd suggest: five minutes to wake up and stretch; five minutes to cleanse, tone and moisturise; five minutes to get dressed; five minutes to brush your teeth and fix your hair; five minutes to do your make-up; and five minutes to give yourself a pre-departure once-over to make sure you're looking your best.

Still not convinced you could do all that in 45 minutes? Or perhaps you think you could be ready in less than half that time? Take our quiz to get some beauty time-saving tips...

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