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‘We’ve found the confidence to shine!’

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Liz Jenkins, from Surrey, is studying to be a professional contemporary singer. Her career choice demands she always looks her best under the spotlight, but being a student on a budget, she found it hard to sparkle on stage. Now, thanks to Clairol, Liz feels comfortable taking centre stage, and has the confidence to shine like a star! She received lots of compliments following her Clairol makeover and it has since changed the way she prepares for performances, always ensuring her hair looks full, glossy and freshly coloured. With Clairol nice'n easy, Liz now knows that you don't need to spend a fortune to look a million dollars - even on a student income! And it's not just her appearance that has changed: ‘Family and friends think I'm like a new person', says Liz. ‘I'm so much more confident.'

Thanks to her Clairol makeover, Liz now believes that looking fab is the key to feeling fab, and advises other readers to pull out the stops whatever the occasion. And if you're not quite there yet - fake it! ‘Stand up and smile - if other people think you're confident, you'll start to feel it yourself,' says Liz. ‘Never be afraid to change your look,' she adds. ‘The changes you'll feel on the inside might just be even bigger!'

Liz's top colouring tip: ‘Always get a friend to help - she'll spot the bits you missed!'

Louise Tavener, from Hilperton, Wiltshire, entered the competition after returning to work as a teacher, after having her three daughters. With several years away from the workplace, she felt lacking in confidence and needed a boost. The makeover day was extra-special for Louise, having never been to London on her own again - but embarking on her solo journey proved to be just the start of Louise's new-found confidence. Her new look certainly got the thumbs up from her children, aged six, three and two, who told her how ‘smiley' she looked, as well as Louise's own mum, who said she'd got her sparkle back. As a busy mum of three, pampering often falls down Louise's list of priorities, but now she knows that, thanks to Clairol, she can look and feel her best without a huge investment of time or money - and can select her colour with confidence, knowing it looks great on her.

Walking back into the classroom was child's play for Louise with her new self-confidence: ‘My colleagues couldn't believe it was me!' she says. She urges other readers to love the way they look, but says that there's no better way than by enhancing your natural beauty. That's just what we did with Louise, a natural redhead, who is thrilled with her new, enriched auburn shade.

Louise's top colouring tip: ‘Rub a tiny bit of Vaseline on the top of your ears and around your hairline, to stop colour staining your skin.'

Joan Apperley, from Bristol entered the competition to celebrate her landmark birthday. She wanted a confidence boost that would put a spring in her step for this new phase of her life. Following the makeover, Joan enjoyed lots of compliments from her family and friends, and now feels thoroughly fantastic at 50!

Attending the event alone was a big challenge to Joan, who at 50 had lost a little of the confidence of her youth. But since regaining her independence, Joan's unstoppable! She now knows that looking good equals feeling good - she spends more time on her hair, and has more confidence when styling it herself. But, she knows that great colour takes no time at all with natural-looking Clairol nice'n easy. She also make sure she puts time aside to pamper herself - after all, she deserves it - and has reignited her interest in clothes. But although Joan has found a new passion for fashion, she knows that when it comes to confidence, it's great hair that makes you feel your best!

Joan's top colouring tip: ‘Always wear something to protect your clothing, and wear the gloves provided.'

You too could be a Clairol Ambassador
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make-up professionally applied. The photographs will then appear
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