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Hot celebrity diets for 2015

Drew Barrymore - Hot celebrity diets for 2015 - diet plans - diet & wellbeing -

The beauty detox solution

Try a taste: Kimberly Snyder’s holistic and healthy approach to eating promises great skin and hair, as well as a slimmer body and bags of energy. Her meals – made up of whole, natural, unprocessed ingredients (and lots of salad) – aim to improve digestion and build a beautiful body from the inside out.

Who’s a fan: It seems like half of Hollywood has backed Snyder’s method, with Drew Barrymore (left) and Fergie among her number one acolytes, along with Dita von Teese, Hilary Duff and Reese Witherspoon. “I don’t like to diet, I like to eat right and that’s what Kim’s philosophy is all about. She’s brilliant,” said Drew

Get your teeth into it: Her wholesome approach isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’s based on research that nutritionist Snyder has been doing since finishing college. After suffering herself from being overweight with acne-ridden skin, she took matters into her own hands and developed a new way of living.

The Beauty Detox method is big on just that: ditching the toxins to boost your beauty from within. She advocates a mainly plant-based plan (think lots of fruit, veg, nuts, sprouts and seeds, packed with vitamins and minerals) which helps to improve digestion and to reduce the acidity of the body which is produced by a diet that’s packed with meat, wheat and dairy. There’s no calorie counting, but with a wholesome diet full of greens, that’s not really an issue. “We cannot evaluate the health of a food based solely on its grams of carbohydrates, fats or calories," she says. “We also have to evaluate how easily or not it breaks down and digests in the body, and what time of day we are eating will affect health and digestion."

Tips from the top: Start your lunches and dinners with a green salad; not only will this help to fill you up, it’s a great way of boosting your body’s alkaline levels. Too much acid in our systems can leach the minerals from bones, make weight loss harder and even make our bodies age faster, says Snyder. Oh, and dump the diet sodas – they’re one big acidic overload.

Try it yourself: Snyder’s trademark Glowing Green Smoothie is a quick way to get your greens, helping your body work more efficiently as it’s packed with enzymes, fibre and essential minerals. Blend a glass and a half of water with a head of organic romaine lettuce, then add three or four stalks of organic celery, half a large bunch of spinach, an organic apple and an organic pear.

Finally, whizz in an organic banana, and the juice of half a lemon. As Snyder says, “This is the most efficient way to become more alkaline because it's blended and there's a tremendous amount of goodness in just one glass versus a little bit of rocket here and a handful of spinach there.”

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