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Tuck in to guilt-free comfort foods

bananas and custard - Tuck in to guilt-free comfort foods - Healthy eating -

Bananas and custard

Per serving (1 medium banana with half a 425g can of low-fat custard): 243 cals, 2.6g fat
With low-fat custard, this pud is actually quite healthy. Bananas contain magnesium and vitamin B6, which play a role in keeping the nervous system healthy, as well as potassium, which is needed for regulating blood pressure. The dessert also provides almost a sixth of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of calcium.

Lentil and bacon soup

Per serving (300g): 93 cals, 0.2g fat
Tasty, low-calorie, very satisfying and with a low-fat content, lentil and bacon soup makes a hearty meal in its own right. Lentils release energy really slowly, making them very sustaining, and they also provide B vitamins and iron. Any non-creamy soup is low on calories but high on fill factor, because of the high water content. A soup should contain at least one-third vegetables to count as a vegetable portion.

Malt loaf

Per slice (1/8th loaf): 87 cals, 0.6g fat
A low-fat alternative to cake, malt loaf isn’t particularly sugary and is a reasonable source of energy-giving B vitamins and iron. A couple of slices will help to satisfy a sweet craving, and it’s so moist, you don’t need butter.

Apple crumble

Per serving (150g): 248 cals, 7g fat
It almost tastes too delicious to be healthy, but a homemade apple crumble made with lots of apples, not too much sugar and a wholemeal flour topping is actually very good for you. A bowl can count as a fruit portion and apples are one of the top four foods for satisfying your hunger – even better than wholemeal bread, brown rice or All-Bran. Throw in some fresh blackberries for extra antioxidants.

Lamb hotpot

Per serving (350g): 230 cals, 7.4g fat
It doesn’t really matter which one-pot meal you choose. As long as your hotpot or stew is made with non-fatty cuts, such as skinless chicken, lean beef or lamb (high in immune-boosting zinc), you’re onto a winner. Liquid meals tend to be very filling, especially if you add a handful of pearl barley, lentils or beans. Just avoid lots of oil or dumplings.


Per serving (45g oats made up with 220ml skimmed milk): 234 cals, 3.8g fat
Warming and filling, porridge supplies slow-releasing carbs, which keep hunger away for longer. Oats also help to lower cholesterol if you eat them regularly. Sweeten with two level teaspoons of honey (an extra 54 calories) for a treat.Click here for more ways to lower cholesterol

Macaroni cheese

Per serving (250g): 320 cals, 6g fat
Pasta has a low glycaemic index, keeping blood-sugar levels steady and lessening cravings for sweet foods. And if the cheese sauce is made with low-fat spread, skimmed milk and reduced-fat Cheddar, it doesn’t have to cause you to put on weight either. Opting for wholewheat macaroni will add more fibre and make this comfort food even more filling.

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