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Want to lose weight? Try the best diets here

123 woman's feet on scales - Want to lose weight? Try the best diets here - Diet & wellbeing -

These first four diets are your favourites on, are very well known, and have been successfully tried by thousands of people.

♥ The GI diet Phenomenally popular, a diet based on the glycaemic index helps you stay full for longer, evens out your blood sugar - and, of course, helps you lose weight

♥ The Dukan diet A revolutionary new weight-loss plan from across the Channel 

♥ The Harcombe diet Eat what you like - with no calorie counting

♥ The new two-day dairy diet Can dieting for two days a week and exercising for three minutes keep you slim?

Don't miss the phenomenally popular 5:2 diet

All of these diets mean following an eating plan, whether with a daily menu for each meal, or by giving you foods to eat and foods not to eat. One of them is sure to work for you...

Short diets: lasting up to a week

The liquid diet Lose 5lb in three days with soups, juices and smoothies

The healthy five-day fast-fix diet A no-hunger diet that could see you losing five pounds, gaining energy and looking five years younger - in just five days

The five-day snack-all-day diet How eating five meals a day can help you shed up to 5lb in just five days

Beat-the-bloat diet Shed pounds for a special occasion in just five days

The mug diet Lose 7lb in a week

The complexion perfection diet A week's worth of beauty-boosting foods to help you lose up to 4lb

Eat yourself younger Beat the bulge and get rid of wrinkles with this seven-day low-GI plan

The happy diet Enjoy good-mood foods for seven days and shed up to 5lb

The vegetarian diet Lose 7lb in seven days

The chocolate diet A seven-day diet with daily chocolate - repeat for up to a month to lose up to a stone

The spice diet Shift that stubborn half a stone in seven days with metabolism-boosting spicy foods

The dump-a-decade diet Shift 5lb in a week with this skin-plumping plan

The sunshine diet Bursting with good-mood food to help you lose 7lb in seven days

The winter vitality diet Beat the winter blues with glowing skin and weight loss of up to 5lb in a week

Lose 7lb in 7 days: rebalance your body and don't go hungry.

The flat-tummy diet Banish the muffin top, and boost your energy levels, in seven days

Gillian McKeith's one-week energy diet Want to feel instantly energised, permanently motivated - and lose up to 5lb?

Longer diets: a week or over

Lose 10lb in 10 days - and still enjoy chips and chocolate

Conquer your cravings Lose up to 7lb in 10 days

The anti-stress diet A healthy eating plan designed to counter the negative effects of stress, and shift up to 7lb in 10 days

The anti-ageing diet plan Feel full of vitality and good health by following nutritionist Helen Foster's simple superfoods-based detox diet. You could lose up to 7lb in just two weeks!

The two-week love life diet The right food might not make you a red-hot lover - but it just might help -and you'll lose weight

The busy woman's diet A no-nonsense approach that could see you lose up to 12lb in two weeks

The younger-you diet Feel the years – and the pounds – roll away in just two weeks!

Eat as much as you like - and still lose weight Share the secrets of naturally slim women, who seem to eat what they like when they like, yet never put on a pound. Lose up to 8lb in two weeks

The red wine and chocolate diet Double your energy, live longer, look better – and lose weight on this Mediterranean-style diet - with a two-week eating plan including treats

Your ultimate bikini diet Tasty, nutritious foods that will help you lose up to half a stone in two weeks

The big breakfast diet Lose up to a stone in a month

The curry diet Tuck into curry, and a weekly takeaway with this seven-day eating plan - and lose up to a stone in a month

The blast-your-belly diet Shed inches and lose up to a stone in a month with this low-GI plan

The chocolate cravings diet Lose up a stone in a month

The PMS diet Beat pre-menstrual cravings and lose up to a stone in a month

The six-times-a-day diet Fill up with this food-lover's diet - and lose up to a stone in a month

The chips diet Eat chips every day and still lose up to a stone in a month

The right-weight eating and walking plan No gyms, no food fads, no dodgy science - just the simplest, cheapest, most effective way to achieve the weight that's right for you. Follow it for four weeks

The real food diet Eat fresh, unprocessed food to lose up to a stone in a month, and keep it off

Eat yourself 10 years thinner A six-week diet and exercise plan to help you regain the figure you had a decade ago

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