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Quiz: Is your drinking out of control?

You may think your alcohol intake is under control - but it's all too easy to drink beyond healthy limits without even realising. Take our quiz to find out if it's time to cut down... By Jane Murphy

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1. A day without booze is...
Perfectly normal
Probably a Monday or Tuesday
Highly unusual
2. You're out to dinner with an old friend. You'd normally share a bottle of wine but she's not drinking at the moment. Do you...
Join her in a nice bottle of sparkling mineral water
Just order a glass of wine instead
Order the bottle anyway - after all, it often works out cheaper than two glasses
3. It's been a tough day at work. How do you plan to wind down this evening?
I'll relax on the sofa - and have a good moan to whoever will listen
I'll have a nice glass of wine before dinner
I'll go out and drown my sorrows
4. NHS alcohol guidelines state women can safely drink two to three units per day. So that means you can have...
A medium glass of wine
A large glass of wine
Two to three glasses of wine
5. How often do you get so drunk that you can't remember certain details from your night out the following morning?
I haven't done that for years, thankfully
A few times each year, to my shame
Most weekends, to be honest
6. You've gone to a lunchtime event, vowing not to drink - but you're offered a glass of bubbly the minute you walk through the door. How's your resolve now?
It's tempting - but I'll still say no as I'd regret it later
Well, one glass won't hurt, will it?
Only a fool would turn down free Champagne!
7. Your GP has suggested you lose weight. Be honest: would you be more inclined to...
Give up alcohol
Give up sugary foods
Give up and go to the pub
8. Your friends are late and you don't know anybody at this party. Everyone else seems deep in conversation. What are you most likely to do?
Find a friendly face and try to get chatting
Fiddle with my mobile phone until my friends arrive
Locate the booze for some emergency Dutch courage
9. Has a close friend or relative ever expressed concern about how much you drink?
Not since my mum told me off when I was in my teens
10. You're home alone. You weren't intending to drink tonight but you've just noticed there's half a bottle of leftover wine in the fridge. Are you tempted?
No - it'll keep for a day or two
Yes - otherwise it'll just go to waste
Unexpected wine in the fridge? Brilliant!
11. How often do you have regrets about something you said or did when you were drunk?
I never get that drunk
It happens occasionally
It's quite a regular occurrence, now you come to mention it
12. Your wine glass is half-full. We're just nipping to the bar. Can we get you anything?
Just a glass of water please
I'll just have a small one - thanks
Same again, please!

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