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My osteoporosis medicine has terrible side effects

I suffer from osteoporosis and have already broken several bones as a result, but I get terrible side effects from the bisphosphonate medicine I have to take. I’ve been told there is an alternative called teriparatide, but my GP says it’s expensive and that as I’m in my 70s I’m not eligible for it.

I’m surprised you’ve been informed that your age makes you ineligible for expensive medication on the NHS. This is categorically not the case – nobody should be discriminated against on the grounds of age. Having said that, your GP is right – teriparatide is expensive. For many people, other medicines such as the one you’ve been taking work well, so it is appropriate to reserve the more expensive option for those who really need it. However, teriparatide can be prescribed either for patients where a one-year trial of a bisphosphonate hasn’t worked, or where the side effects mean that you really can’t tolerate it.


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