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Snacks you can eat to stay slim

Snacks you can eat to stay slim
Snacks to get you through the day
6 ways to be a smarter snacker

Snacks you can eat to stay slim

They've been said to cause weight problems, but the right snack at the right time can actually reduce cravings and help keep your weight under control


Few of us make it from breakfast to lunchtime, or all the way to dinner, without a few hunger pangs. Snacking between meals has become part and parcel of a hectic lifestyle and, while some experts blame it for the explosion in weight gain, new research suggests if you choose your snacks carefully, they could actually help you lose weight.
‘People assume snacking is unhealthy,' says Dr Hannah Theobald of the British Nutrition Foundation. ‘But if you replace unhealthy snacks with high-fibre food that's less calorie dense, it can help with weight management and weight loss.'
Click here for the best snacks to get you through the day

Feature published in July 2005

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