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Try the hi-tech way to a flat tummy in a few weeks

by Bernadette Fallon
man and woman on technoshape fitness machine

Did I want to over-indulge in ‘festive treats with friends and family’ and still ‘wow’ in my Little Black Dress? All for the price of a little ‘gentle exercise’ using a unique patented technology? (Okay - and a few hundred quid.) But ‘gentle’ exercise. I mean, who wouldn’t?

So I take myself off to Blossom Body Design studio to find out more about TechnoShape. Aimed at people who want to shake off (almost literally!) stubborn stomach fat without spending hours at the gym, it’s described as ‘the non-invasive, pain-free tummy tuck that delivers great results naturally’.

Celebrity fans include Simon Cowell, Rio Ferdinand and Sinitta; users on average loose three inches from their stomach area in four weeks. It can also have an effect on reducing the visibility of stretch marks.

What is it?

Am liking everything I’ve heard, though I have no idea what to expect. So am totally nonplussed when I change into my gym gear at the studio and have a wide plastic belt tightly secured around my waist. (I’ve already had a heart monitor belt attached to my chest). Then I’m connected to the TechnoShape machine by two wires on the front of the belt and hop up onto the treadmill for my 40-minute session.

The belt starts to vibrate against my stomach in a rolling motion; it’s not unpleasant but it feels a bit odd, particularly as it’s wrapped so tightly around my waist. Then the treadmill is set to a fast walking pace, on an incline, and I’m off.

So how does it work?

The belt, by massaging the stomach area vigorously as I exercise, is stimulating blood circulation, enhancing the body’s ability to burn fat from my stomach. It’s notoriously hard to shift just by normal exercise. And I can see that there’s been plenty of blood circulation once I finish on the treadmill – cue one very bright red stomach!

What did I think?

I wouldn’t call this ‘gentle exercise’; the heart needs to beat quite fast to burn off fat and I work up a real sweat on the machine, but nothing is going to be achieved with a casual stroll after all. And, I’m a big fan of walking fast in general, so it’s good to be doing it for a reason – a flatter stomach!

Could I see a difference?

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but when I look at myself in the mirror that night, stripped down to my underwear, I appear more, well, streamlined. My silhouette, if not exactly thinner, seems more contoured.

What happens next?

No carbs for me for the rest of the evening after TechnoShaping. I feel virtuous tucking into my smoked mackerel salad instead of the usual big bowl of pasta. I'm looking forward to my next sessions to see if it makes a difference to my shape.

The final verdict

I am definitely feeling slightly more contoured - unfortunately for me, the run up to Christmas wasn't the best time for me to trial TechnoShape as I continued my mince pie taste test by day! I can see that the sessions would have had more benefit if I had eaten more sensibly and I'm hearing very interesting stories from people who have lost several inches from their waistlines in just a few weeks, by eating healthily and using TechnoShape. Yes, you could also lose weight by dieting alone, but if you want to kick start your slimming regime and see results fast, I would definitely recommend TechnoShape.

What’s the cost?

Charley at Blossom Body Design studio offers a 15-session TechnoShape package for £500; the normal price is £550 for 12 sessions. She recommends taking three sessions per week over five weeks to let the body rest and recover between workouts.

Blossom Body Design is located at 535 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11 3BL; phone 020 7585 3777 or visit

Find out more about TechnoShape at

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