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Shape-up tips: sparkle in your little black dress

woman wearing a black dress

Try these top toning up tips to make sure you'll fit into your LBD.

With a month to go, concentrate on your whole upper body. ‘Working your chest, shoulders and arms, will get much better results,' explains personal trainer Mark Anthony. ‘When you work out, start by focusing on your chest and shoulders. Leave your arms till last, then they'll be warmed up and a bit tired so they will work harder.'

Combine press-ups and chest presses with these three arm toners. On each exercise do two sets of 15, three times a week and keep them at a steady pace.

Bicep twists

With a litre bottle of water in each hand, stand straight with your palms facing your hips. Flex at the elbow and twist your hands as you lift so your hands are facing your shoulders. Lower your hands slowly.

Simple dips

Using a chair, or the stairs, put your hands behind you with fingers facing forward gripping the front. Hold your body in a seated position. Lower your body so your elbows are at 90°, then lift. Pause at the top for two seconds. ‘This will squeeze the muscles and make the contractions harder but more effective,' says Mark.

Tricep curl

Lie on your back, with a can of baked beans in each hand. Start with arms straight, at right angles to the floor. Bend arms backwards at the elbows until your hands are on either side of your ears, then lift back to the starting position. 

Only got two weeks?

Following the same programme as above, do three sets of each exercise and up the tempo of the repetitions. Go for a 30 minute walk, run or cycle immediately afterwards. This will boost calorie and fat burning thereby helping slim arms even more. 

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