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Get walking: the stressbusting walk

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The combination of physical activity, which helps to burn off stress chemicals, and ‘green exercise’ shown to induce relaxation and boost your mood, is a potent one. Add mindfulness to the mix and you have a walking meditation that will melt away stress in minutes. Walking ‘mindfully’ means shifting your focus from worries about the past or the future to being in the here and now.

Start from the moment you set out by becoming aware of the ground beneath your feet and noticing your breathing.

Don’t think about what lies ahead or where you’ve been – stay in the present by paying attention to the feelings and sensations you are experiencing now – the breeze in your hair, the sun on your face and the sounds, sights and smells around you.

Stay in tune with the rhythm of your breath and of each step. If thoughts distract you, simply notice them and return your awareness to your breathing.

Choose the walk to suit you, or click through the page numbers at the bottom of the page...

The rehab walk

The no time walk

The fat-burning power walk

The workout walk

The walk 'n' talk

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