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Wellbeing buy of the week: Lazer bike helmet

by Adrienne Wyper
PR Lazer bike helmet - Wellbeing buy of the week - Exercise - Diet & wellbeing-

What is it?

It's a shiny silver helmet made by Lazer, the world's oldest manufacturers of bike helmets, established in 1919. The company's stated objective 'has always been to find an excellent synergy between design, comfort, safety and technology'. The Lazer Street DLX Urban Luxury helmet has Multiple Thickness Padding (MTP) to fit your head better and 16 vents to keep you cool. It has a magnetic buckle for ease of fastening.

What will it do for me?

Put simply, this helmet will protect your head in the event of an accident. And I'd say the reflective chrome finish renders it highly visible, reflecting traffic and street lights.

How much and where from?

£49.99 from the Lazer website, or find other stockists here. You'll also find a sizing guide so you can measure your head and find the correct size - very useful when buying online.

Anything else?

This is undeniably a funky-looking helmet, and I've had several compliments. But it's not about looks when protecting the contents of your skull. Lazer helmets have MTP, migrated from motorbike helmet design, and as the occasional wearer of a motorbike helmet, I can say that the Lazer Street generates the same solid, thickly padded sense of being insulated from the outside world that you get from a motorbike helmet. It weighs 450g which felt noticeably heavier than my last helmet when I put it on, but I got used to it within minutes.

And once the bike's on the train, I've found the helmet's highly reflective surface also comes in very handy for seeing behind me, or checking how my 'helmet hair' looks!

It did take me a while to adjust the chin strap to make it fit, but the fact that the strap was hard to move in the tightening direction also makes it much less likely to move in the other direction, and loosen.

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