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Knit a dog bow tie: free knitting pattern

aay - Knit a dog bow-tie - Free knitting patterns - Craft -

This is knitted for a medium-sized dog with a 33cm neck.
This could be made smaller or larger by varying the length of the collar band.

You will need

• oddment of black DK yarn
• oddment of white DK yarn
• 4mm knitting needles

For the collar band

Using white yarn, cast on 8sts
K1, p1 rib. To end. Continue in rib until work measures 33cm.
Next row: [buttonhole row] k1, p1, k1, cast off 2sts, rib to end.
Next row: rib 3 sts, cast on 2sts, rib to end. Rib 3 more rows. Cast off in rib. Sew on button and fasten. Cast on 25 sts in white
Next row: * knit
Next row: p2tog. P to end. Continue from* until 18 sts are left.
Next row: knit
Next row: cast off in purl. Cast on 25 sts in white.
Next row: *knit
Next row: purl to last 2 sts, p2 tog. Continue from *until 18 sts are left.
Next row: knit
Next row: cast off in purl.
To make up: pin 2 collar pieces to collar band at front. Oversew at top of each collar piece.

For the bow tie

Using black yarn, cast on 12 sts
Using garter stitch [knit] knit straight until work measures 21cm. Cast off.

For the bow-tie centre

Cast on 5 sts. Knit for 4 cm. Cast off.

To make up

Stitch cast-on edge to cast-off edge to form a cylinder shape. Keeping seam at back of bow tie lay flat and gather in the middle with a running stitch. Pull thread tight to gather then fasten off. Wrap around middle piece of bow tie and stitch at back. Stitch the bow tie onto the collar.

Safety note: this bow-tie is for decoration only. Do not try to attach a lead to this collar!

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