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Knitted cakes: how to knit a chocolate eclair

Make it and bake it: follow the chocolate eclair knitting pattern - then see the recipe

knitted chocolate eclair : Free cakes knitting patterns - Craft -


● 4-ply yarn in cream
● pair of 23/4mm/no12 needles
● cable needle
● Das Pronto
● mid brown and dark brown paint
● varnish
● foam block, 2x7cm piece, 2cm thick
● glue


C6B: cable 6 back. slip next sts to cable needle and hold at back, K3, K3 from cable needle; C6F: cable 6 front, as C6B but hold cable needle in front; K: knit; patt: pattern; P: purl; RS: right side; st(s): stitch(es); WS: wrong side

Choux pastry

Using Das Pronto modelling clay, make 2 eclair shapes, 8cm long. Dry. Paint and varnish.

Cream filling

Using cream yarn, cast on 11 sts and work cable patt as folls:

1st row: (RS) P1, K9, P1.

2nd and every WS row: K1, P9, K1.

3rd row: (RS) P1 C6F, K3, P1.

5th row: as 1st row.

7th row: P1, K3, C6B, P1.

8th row: as 2nd row. These 8 rows form the cable patt and are repeated until work measures 19cm. Cast off.

To make up

Stick small piece of foam between choux pastries. Place cream filling around middle of eclair and join short ends.

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