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You can choose your friends but not your family

We all know that family relationships can be hard. Sibling rivalries, unhappy parents and unspoken woes are intensified by the fact that you cant simply walk away, you're stuck with them for life. But what if to add to the drama, your family becomes the talk of a new town for all the wrong reasons...?


This is the situation that a young Gracie Templeton finds herself in after her family move from England into a stately home in Australia's outback. With her family's lavish displays of eccentricity distancing them from the locals, the kindness and friendship they receive from neighbours Nina Donovan and her son Tom quickly becomes a lifeline for Gracie. As their lives begin to take shape, Tom on his way to the national cricket team and Gracie heading to university success, their lives become irrevocable linked until tragedy strikes, threatening to destroy the bond between them and their families forever.


What follows is a family saga that plays out over three continents and a whole decade, expertly woven around a group of complex characters each trying to find their way in the world and protect those closest to them. Monica McInerney brilliantly explores why people lie to the ones they care about, the inevitable consequences of sustained deception, and the importance of forgiveness and love. At Home With the Templetons is a heart-warming family drama and the perfect summer read to lose yourself in as you relax by the pool. The backdrop of the beautiful Australian countryside will compliment a sunny break and the story will keep you riveted.


Ask the author

Ever wondered what it takes to write a bestseller or what inspired the creation of one of your favourite characters? Well here's your chance to find out. Fans of Monica McInerney will be able to pose questions to the lady herself during our live web chat on XXXX. You can start posting your questions now here (add link to thread) but be sure to sign in and take part on the day.


At Home With the Templetons by Monica McInerney, £7.99 is published May 1st 2011 




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